Sunday April 22 2018

Hand Photos

Here are the links to see the possible hand photos taken at the Old Mill Museum. 


The Original Hand Photo was taken in the basement in front of the elevator shaft.  A llengthy session with asking questions getting replies by turning the flashlight on and off on command, as well as the K2 going off with it.  Many shots were taken, one shot has what appears to be something grabbing for the equipment.

Original Hand Photo


The New Hand Photo was taken in the large banquet hall, shuffling and movement was heard, they asked the entity to have a seat on the couch with them, while taking several shots this photo was snapped. 

There are 3 photos, the 1st is the original, somewhat dark, look in the lower right corner.  The 2nd and 3rd are filtered copies of the original, to better show the image.
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New Hand Photo 1

New Hand Photo 2

New Hand Photo 3