Sunday April 22 2018

About Us

So you want to learn more about the Old Mill Museum, and the Ghost Hunts?

The public investigations are hosted and run by Spirit World Paranormal Investigations.  SWPI has been investigating for many years, and their core group has over 50 years of combined expierience.  Spirit World Paranormal Investigations is a group of serious and experienced investigators that are in search of scientific proof of all things unexplainable (paranormal). Using different types of tools and equipment, investigators collect evidence to try to prove or disprove claims of paranormal activity.

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The Old Mill Museum
The Old Mill Museum is run by the Historical Preservation Society of Dundee.  The Old Mill Museum is Dundee’s only venue to showcase its local history. Lovingly restored during the 1980’s by a group of volunteers known as the Old Mill Restoration Committee.

The Museum houses three stories of permanent and changing exhibits which take the visitor back to the excitement and joy of yesteryear.

Fashion, furniture, farm life, an exhibit honoring the Native Americans who lived on the Macon Reserve, and the legacy of Henry Ford, including the hydro-electric generator he had installed, capture the imagination.

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Special thanks to Spirit World Paranormal Investigations, Tim Rehahn and Computers With Care, A1-Hosting services for their time and effort in getting these going!

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