Sunday April 22 2018

2017 Old Mill ParaFest

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The Haunted Old Mill Museum, Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (SWPI) and Erie Shores Paranormal (ESP) have partnered together and very excited to bring you The 4th Annual Old Mill ParaFest. The Old Mill ParaFest is a paranormal convention fundraiser, and all profits will benefit The Old Mill Museum.

Who’s Coming?

The Old Mill ParaFest will feature speakers throughout the day, and an optional Ghost Hunt with our featured speakers at night.  Our speakers include:

  • Steve Gonsalves – Ghost Hunters on SyFy
  • Katrina Weidman – Paranormal Lockdown on TLC & Destination America (Paranormal State)
  • Jeff Belanger – Ghost Adventures Researcher, Author and 30 Odd Minute Host
  • Kathleen Tedsen – Author, Haunted Travels of Michigan
  • Bill Chappell – Digital Dowsing (Paranormal Equipment)
  • Christopher DiCesare – “The Ghost Boy of Geneseo”
  • Don Allison – Author (I Met a Ghost)
  • Haunts of Michigan
  • Hauntings & History of The Old Mill Museum

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